Gareth Bale Kicking Golf Up a Gear

Real Madrid footballer Gareth Bale is looking to make an impact on the golf course instead of the football pitch. He is currently promoting a change to the format of golf, making the game speedier. He is an avid golfer and Bale announced to Instagram following about SPRINT6GOLF last week.

SPRINT6GOLF is a new format, played over six holes. The golfer is only allocated 30 seconds to execute each golf shot. Golfers can download the app straight to their phone. It explains the rules and has an integrated stop watch.

You’re probably wondering what happens if you take too long, there must be some sort of penalty? Well, if you take too long over a shot you get a yellow card giving you a warning. If you do it for a second time you then receive a red card and a one shot penalty.

This format is also being endorsed by the European Tour. The new European Tour boss Keith Pelley has already seen a massive impact since enforcing the slow-play policy on Tour at the start of the year. Faster playing has resulted in more golf, making fans happier. Some players thought have had to adjust to playing faster.

Tom Critchley the founder of SPRINT6GOLF created the idea to give players the option for a faster game of golf opposed to the usually four and a half hour rounds. He eventually wants to see Professionals using this format and also thinks it’s made for TV. Having referees hidden in the trees, an interactive clock and watching the players deal with the pressure of a time constraint would make for better TV.

Any initiative in place to make golf more fun and more interesting to non-golfers is always going to be a good thing, and having such a high profile footballer with 17.3 million followers on Instagram backing it, is only going to help make that process faster.

Shot Scope, the world’s first automatic performance tracking system has been designed to help players collect their performance data without slowing the game down.

By Rachael McQueen, Community Engagement Executive at Shot Scope

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